Carnoustie is into security systems, wireless communication systems and technology solution for counter insurgency, city surveillance and Campus Security. We closely monitor the industry on behalf of clients. We embrace technology as a critical component of our "End to End Solutions" approach for managing risk.

Our expertise is in risk analysis, security management to provide clients risk mitigation and crisis management programme. We are in installation and commissioning the state of the art wireless communication and surveillance systems.

Our staff consists of selected Ex Indian Army trained personnel, who not only have experience and exposure of current counter insurgency tactics and procedures, but are also very familiar with working in a Police led environment.

Our personnel are able to apply a thorough understanding of strategies and operations and support the client and their operational formations across the spectrum of planning and coordination. Leveraging an integrated network of professional expertise in the field of broadband, communications, NGN, telecommunications, armaments and local resources spread across countries, we are independent counter insurgency solution providers and business intelligence consultancy firm.

Often operating in the most diverse and difficult markets, our experienced staff provides critical services to help clients mitigate risk and protect themselves in different situations.

We Offer Complete range of Security Systems Solutions From large 'Integrated systems and Physical Security Management' to key equipment and services including Intelligence, Command and Communications systems (C4ISR)

High Speed Data Video Conferencing

Video Analytics – Security

Number Plate Recognition

Face Recognition for Access Control

Physical Security Management by Ex Para Commando Officers

Railway Security

Retail Security

Airport Security